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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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information. a shooting on arrowhead drive in apex. i'm sean maroney. >> and i'm sharon taswell. a garner man was held at gunpoint when he tried to catch the man that broke into a sheriff's deputy's car. wncn's david hurst spoke to the man and joins us from the neighborhood with this story. >> reporter: he chased the four suspects throughout his neighborhood here. even while they were shooting at him. he says he stopped following them after one of the shots hit his front bumper. the criminals continued driving that way where at least one of them eventually got caught. >> this is where the bullet hit the truck. >> reporter: this man never hesitated chasing four criminals. the 57-year-old didn't want to get his name but is receiving credit for catching one of the men.
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>> reporter: it all began when he saw someone trying to break into his neighbor's deputy car. one of the other criminals got out of a fear by car and held the man at gunpoint demanding his phone and wallet. at that point, the man's son-in- law came out. the suspects then drove away and the son-in-law got the 911. the man decided to father or follow the men. during the chase they fired several shots back at the man. he stopped chasing after one of the shots hit his front bumper. deputies eventually pulled the car over at a nearby gas station and arrested the only person in the car, 18-year-old tyquan barton. the man is being praised for helping catch the teen but he says he was looking out for his neighbors. >> people turn a blind eye.
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breaking in a car window. and nobody does nothing any more. i wasn't brought up that way. >> reporter: the johnson county sheriff's office says they've not made any more arrests at this time. if you have more information, give them a call. more than 100 violent fugitives are behind bars thanks to a massive crack down the u.s. marshal service announced the rims results of operation zero hour. >> only wncn was there as nearly 200 local state and federal cops mounted a full court press at north carolina's most violent town. robinson county. >> we were going after the worst of the worst. >> and friday u.s. marshal scott parker unveiled the results of on investigation zero hour.
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one suspect was caught as far away as new york. >> i'm glad it happened. >> dozens of rifles, handguns, even a bulletproof vest were seized from convicted felons. >> we're going the look at you for federal prosecution. >> many of those fugitives busted in this operation are locked up here at the robinson county jail. many will be moved to raleigh where they'll face federal charges and an undisclosed number of fugitives are still on the run. that means this operation is very much ongoing. reporting in robinson county, mario boone, wncn news now. it took weeks to put tonight we'll have more details on the team effort to capture these fugitives. a return to winter and february temperatures. chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is here with just how cold it will be. >> you got a little spoiled this week sharon. good evening to you and you at
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temperatures today were chilly with sunny skies. and tonight now that the sun is down it's getting cold. the good news is the winds have calmed down. and even better, high pressure will build in this weekend. which means dry weather and lots of sunshine. be cold. as you head out tonight. about windchills. but falling temperatures, down to 39 at 8:00, 36 at 10:00, 34 out. if you're up and at em early tomorrow morning, 27 degrees. but that's the coldest temperature we have on the seven-day. we'll talk about our winter warm up in minutes. raleigh police are investigating a shooting that sent two men to the hospital this afternoon. it happened after 1:00 at a shopping center parking lot near buffalo road. both victims suffered nonlife- threatening injuries and witnesses described a scary scene. >> we started running to the car. because i don't know.
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>> they heard the shots and we just closed the door and locked it. because we locked the door and that's it. >> police were questioning a person but so far no arrests have been made. a community is moving forward together tonight two days after a tornado destroyed their homes. >> the initial shock of the storm is over and as wncn explains, they are now beginning the rebuilding process. the shock of what happened earlier in the week is wearing off and folks are trying to move on. trying to figure out how to rebuild their homes and their lives. two days after the tornado, they are still struggling with the wind. a wind that's a reminder of how lives here were disrupted. but today is trying to box up those memories and the furniture and everything you've got left. >> some of what 81-year-old anne barnes has left is on her front lawn.
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joy, and raising a family. stuff that she hopes can be preserved. because much more of her life is now scattered for acres. >> the hardest part for her is knowing that her life is like you said down the road, in the creek, on the other side of the airport. >> next door is what's left of rick mick williams' place. today he stood amongst the rubble. with police no longer blocking the road and many gawkers driving by, you can say why pam west is worried. meanwhile, for pam's next door neighbor, today is a day of reflection. >> just take it one day at a time. and just thank the lord that i wasn't here when it happened. like the flowers which persist and blooming despite the
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know their lives too will go on and flourish. >> everything is not lost. family is here. >> county emergency management officials are working with state counterparts trying to figure out what aid if any may become available. in oxford, wncn news now. two people are recovering tonight after being ejected from their car on i-540 this morning in raleigh. it happened between glenwood avenue and lunly road. the driver merged into the next lane and hit a van. several lanes of the highway were closed for two hours after the accident. a pair of passengers in the van were treated and released from the hospital. a durham county deputy has a new family member tonight a dog she rescued from a home in july. >> this is a wonderful story. wncn found out it took a lot to get marty to his new home.
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happy dog. but it hasn't always been this way. >> it was very disturbing. >> last july deputies with the durham county sheriff's office were part of an animal cruelty investigation at sandra's home. >> i don't think anything can prepare you for what we saw on the scene that day. >> she says she saw crate after crate of dogs and the smell of urine and feces knocked her to her feet. >> most of them were very near death. >> of the 31 dogs taken from the home, three didn't survive. >> let me leash him. when i got him to the truck to put him on the truck he jumped up like he was hugging me and i almost melted. >> the southwest michigan husky club, an animal rescue group based out of athens michigan nursed marty back to health. >> part of our rehabilitation is that we want to make sure these dog's past life doesn't effect their future life. >> it was a long process with
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but the animal rescue group made sure beck knew. >> he and i connected on scene that day. and i couldn't get him out of my soul. when i was given the opportunity to bring him home with me, i couldn't say no. >> thursday was marty's first night with beck. and he quickly made it a home. >> he has his own room. and his own yard. we have to get him acclimated to his three cat siblings. >> it's going to be a long future for her and marty. wncn news now. >> he has his own room. very nice. he pleaded guilty to four counts of animal cruelty and will have to pay $6,500 to the animal protection society of durham. >> he's going to be very happy in his new home. a charlotte ordinance caught the attention of state lawmakers. >> we spoke to lawmakers on both sides of the controversial measure. and later it's nashville eating disorder awareness week.
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a controversial non- discrimination ordinance could bring state lawmakers back for a special session. >> it allows trans gender people to use the restroom of their choice depending on their gender identity. bo minnick spoke with lawmakers today. >> they're afraid that i or people like me will victimize children. >> a debate that divided the queen city is now taking place statewide. >> there should be no bathroom police. >> it's a gross over reach into the private lyes of citizens. >> this week charlotte passed an ordinance that defines how businesses must treat gay, lesbian, and trans gender people. >> there are deep concerns about safety and privacy for women and men as well. >> it actually is a call back to when i was a kid. people would say that gay people in bathrooms was a safety concern. and now it's trans people. >> there are calls to have state lawmakers take
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state lawmakers are scheduled to return to raleigh on april 25th. but the charlotte ordinance goes into effect on april 1st. so some are saying the lawmakers should call for a special session to address the topic. >> there's tremendous out cry from the citizens of the state about what they perceive to be a truly unfortunate and misguided effort. >> there's some issues that need to be debated about the charlotte ordinance. but it's not so overwhelming and so urgent that it can't wait until april. we checked and the cost of holding a special session is an extra $42,000 a day should state lawmakers call one, that has people divided too. it will be a waste of time. it'll be a waste of taxpayer money, it's mind boggling. >> we hope that the luetge will put an end to this absurdity. republicans are checking to see if there's enough interest in holding that special session.
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north carolina essentially broke even during 2015 even as losses related to customers enrolled through the federal health care law mounted the state's largest health insurer said it earned $500,000 last year compared to a 51 million- dollar loss in 2014. the company announced hefty raises for executives. nasa scientists reported el nino peeked and it's been one of the strongest on record but it's here and will linger through the spring. considering how dangerous severe weather has been this week, bill ray talked to a nasa scientist to see if el nino had anything to do with the tornado out break. not everything is el nino. we do have to remember that. there are weather patterns in the arctic that push cold air out of the arctic and bring warm air up from the tropics. when those two things collide, you can really get violent weather. >> i'm joined with chief meteorologist wes hohenstein.
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find out if nene is doing this. >> we know it's weakening but it won't be until the summer until we know that it's gone and if it's coming back or if la nina, the opposite pattern is coming back. so we have sometime. we also have sometime so get ready for a weekend warm up. it's chilly now after highs around 50 today. we dropped into the 30s and 0s right now. the good news is, winds have also dropped. but we still have windchills out there. it feels like 30 in roxboro. 39 in raleigh. while it's not 30 and 40 miles per hour wind gusts, it's still a little breezy out there. 5 to 8 miles per hour breezes. that's what we'll have tonight. and winds will be generally calm as we head into the weekend. but the highlight of the weekend will be the warm up. pretty much the exact opposite of what i have to tell you now. so with dry weather again radar shut off at least until next wednesday. skies will be clear other night. and as you can see, we'll drop
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down to 36. we continue to follow during the over night. 27 tomorrow. that's a good excuse to sleep in. i will be taking my own advice tomorrow. big picture, i mean you look below this big h at what's going on. the radar's on and there's nothing going on. there's snow in west virginia and ohio. but most of the country will have good weather this weekend. including us. as high pressure will keep us sunny and dry. but the high pressure will shift around a little this weekend. it's going to move off to the east. that swings our winds out of the south. and that's going to warm us up. just like the north wind the last couple days has really dropped our temperatures, the southerly wind is going to help warm us up. sure it's going to be chilly tomorrow morning but warmer, much warmer by sunday and even more so on monday and tuesday as someone's going to flirt with 70 degrees by tuesday. and a couple clouds monday and tuesday. but otherwise, not a lot going on. the next time we do have something going on will be wednesday, that's when the next
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nothing like what we saw last wednesday. but we will have some scattered showers right now it's at about a 40% chance. so it's the last weekend of february. march starts next tuesday. and the last saturday of the month will start off chilly. temperatures in the upper 20s tomorrow morning. if you're running errands, hitting the grocery store, maybe garage sales, it'll be cold, and saturday will be the cool day, highs in the low 50s. still chilly on sunday morning as you head to church. 55 for lunch time as highs sunday will make it into the 60s. and i like that as the pick day of the weekend because it's going to be a little warmer. from 51 tomorrow to 62 sunday and then 66 on leap day. remember we got an extra day this year. and it comes at the end of february. february 29th monday will be 66. march 1st tuesday will be close to 70. and then we bring the rain back wednesday with slightly cooler
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of rain by thursday and friday. >> that 66 will be nice. >> it will be. all right wes. thank you. we continue to follow breaking news tonight in apex, authorities are on the scene of a shooting on arrowhead drive. wncn's amy cutler joins us on the phone with the breaking details. what can you tell us? >> i just spoke with the wake county sheriff. he tells us they were called to 4629 arrowhead drive around 6:30 for shots fired. they tell under the circumstances when they arrive -- they tell us when they arrived they found a woman with a gunshot wound. they tell us the injuries are not life-threatening injuries. they believe it started with an altercation in the front yard, that three vehicles may have been involved. it's unclear how it started, why it started. right now i can tell you i'm seeing deputies canvas the area. they're trying to talk to neighbors. trying to gather some more information. at this point, they say it's unclear if the victim in this
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altercation or if she was just in the neighboring yard and was caught, you know, caught up in this. we're going to continue to follow it closely and have much more coming up at 11:00. sharon? >> all right amy, thank you. as amy continues to gather information.
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as well at wncn welcome back. this is an important time. national eating disorder awareness week. 1 in 10 people have suffered from an eating disorder and consequences can be deadly. as maggie newland shows us a local treatment facility is providing health and hope. >> in a yellow farmhouse way out in the country, more than a dozen women work to regain control of their lives. >> seven years ago when i came into this place for the second time, i couldn't have told you that i would have been able to do it. >> amy lambert came to carolina house for treatment after years of suffering from anorexia. >> i found myself in a really unfortunately abusive relationship and the only way i knew to have control in my life was to control the ways in which i ate as more and more control was taken away from me, i became really aware that no one could make me eat. >> obsession with food and weight was all consuming. >> it may start with something
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chocolate today. before you know it, it's i won't have starches. i won't have chocolate. i won't have sugar. i won't have fat. >> by the time she sought treatment, she had little hope of finding a way out. she drew this picture after coming to carolina house. tiny gray gravestones. >> 10% of people with eating disorders do die. they're incredibly dangerous. but the director of carolina house believes the treatment program here can save lives this residential facility near durham and a day treatment facility in raleigh treat women and men with eating disorders. residents learn to make healthy meals while they deal with underlining issues. >> you have 24 hour support and you have people who understand. no one saying it's just about eating. >> recovery was a difficult process. it still is sometimes. but at the end of her second stay here, her art work looked much different and seven years later her outlook on life is different as well. >> i'm grateful to be alive and
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i did it with help and support. and i would not want anything different now. so it's worth it. >> maggie newland, wncn news now. a place of refuge and healing. if you'd like more information,
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well the weekend is here. and so are colder temperatures at least to start. 20s tonight before we top out at 51 tomorrow. then a warm uptakes us to 62 sunday. and then mid to upper 60s by next monday and tuesday. our next chance of rain isn't until wednesday. so one of the many things you can do this weekend is wash your car. although i would maybe put that off until sunday when it's a little warmer the water coming out of the spickets will be really cold. >> all that sunshine will be wonderful both days. >> and flirting with 70 too. >> that's one of my favorite things flirting with 70.
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>> she did drive me home. we were arguing. >> announcer: a sobering ride from the club... >> he kicked the passenger door closed. after he did that, i just looked at him as if he was crazy. pushed me, grabbed my hair. >> judge judy: he assaulted you and your car. >> announcer: and her trip to the police was just as scary. >> judge judy: what happened at the precinct? >> he started yelling at me from outside, "i'm gonna get two girls to beat you up." >> judge judy: were you arrested? >> yeah, i was. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution sioban huggins is suing her ex-boyfriend, sheldon henderson, for assaulting her and vandalizing her car during a jealous rage. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 447 on the calendar in the matter of huggins vs. henderson. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated.


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